"Music is the Food of Soul"

- Arthur Schopenhauer



Ivan Hoe


London-based Ivan is one of the old-school masters of drums we don't find too often anymore.

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Pablo Domínguez

Spanish Guitar

Soulful classical guitar player from Spain, Pablo is an extremely talented flamenco player who can bring music to another dimension.

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Horacio Valdivieso

Guitar Player

Multipurpose Horacio isn't just a session guitar player. His contributions provided my compositions with new layers of inspiration.

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Oleg Bezuglov & Natalia Bezuglova

Violin & Piano

Professional musicians residing in the US and of Russian origins. Extremely talented performers with classical education, they can play and arrange anything you throw at them.

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Corinna Jane


Actress, TV Presenter, model... Multifaceted Corinna Jane was born to be a star of her own.

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Joe Borowsky


A singing teacher, a versatile singer, composer and artist with a velvet voice who had one of his own compositions featured during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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ColombeS Ran


Right from the paradise country of Madagascar, ColombeS Ran has one of the most beautiful voices out there.

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Eric Castiglia


Power Italian vocalist Eric Castiglia is one of a kind.

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Justin J. Moore


Already a star on his own, Justin is not the average singer - at all.

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Jay J


Jay J (Evgeny) is so much more than a session vocalist.

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Singer & Lyricist

Helen (aka Thomas Cantin) is a French artist whose vocals are a true expression of the heart.

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Vic Vega

Young singer Vic Vega has all the tools she needs to deliver the most soulfol of all performances.

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Guillermo Enrich is a composer, musician, writer, scribble artist in his spare time, and radio host in the popular Onda Cero radio show "Como el Perro y el Gato". With studies in various areas ranging from business to film and television composition and audiovisual communication, for many years he specialized in consulting new technologies and developing web applications, having actively participated in the creation of technological Start Ups.

He currently collaborates with the radio show "Como el Perro y El Gato", and is Executive Producer and Technical Director of the Video Podcast "No Solo Perros y Gatos", the latter project in which he has embarked with Carlos Rodríguez, Iván Cortés and Beatriz Ramos Jiménez, all of them with extensive experience in the media field.

Capable of composing from purely classical music to EDM tracks or minimalistic trance techno, he has several albums and singles published on major music platforms such as Spotify or iTunes. He also has composed and/or arranged many tunes for the radio show, which has an average audience of over 300k.

By the second half of 2020, he hopes to publish his book of poems "Demasiado Sensible para los Adioses - Poemas Completos 2009-2019", already finished, which will be available not only in digital format, but can also be found on paper format in conventional stores, all throughout the Spanish-speaking world as a start.

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