A Tale of Whispers

A story, a tale, about Rick and Agnes. Two teens who venture into the open sea.

A progressive/indie/alternative rock track that huddles lots of talent from many collaborators. A far cry for ocean conservationism and preservation.

Vocals | Jay J, Eric Castiglia, J.J.
Guitars | Horacio Valdivieso
Drums | Ivan Hoe

"Thank you for the submission! Beautiful & mysterious mood, gorgeous band sound, well mixed & mastered. Every instruments are played very well and made a amazing atmosphere. Specially loved the synth sound. The vocal sound is also stunning with the lyrics." (23Dmnt)

"10 out of 10 ratings and a 5 star for this song. The vocal is appealing and stylish. The artist delivered the song very natural. The song is absolutely creative and professional. I like the the the artist performs the song. The lyrics is good and the vocals is powerful. I find it extremely good and the artist has a high potential level. Good job for the artist and to the song the the artist performed. Excellent. " (Charlotte)

Alternate Cover