Impromptu Volume 1

Let’s go classical with Impromptu Volume 1

Impromptu is a latin word that means improvised, composed or uttered without previous preparation, being the latest the one that better relates to this release. Franz Schubert popularized this music form used by many other composers throughout history.

Impromptu, unlike in jam sessions in jazz, are not true improvisations as they have formal written scores where no improvisation is expected from the performer(s).Volume 1 of the Impromptu Series is a collection of piano works composed from 1991 to 2021, properly written in a score form.

Talented pianist Natalia Bezuglova brings these pieces to life. Recorded using a Yamaha piano in a chappel at her home town, her husband Oleg Bezuglov (violinist and producer) used two stereo pairs, a Neumann TLM-102 and Rode NTR and the MS mic in the hall, and post-produced the mix.I left his post-production work almost untouched, just a few adjustments were made from my part, to make sure the live resonance of the chapel could be subtly percieved, providing the final mix its own charm personality.

Upcoming Volume 2 is already being recorded and, unlike Volume 1, it will include duets, trios, quartets and other multi-instrumental combinations where the piano is still the common denominator.