Original Scores (PDF)

This is a collection of scores I wrote using diverse notation software. Some of the pieces were originally composed many years ago, and I arranged them so they can be played by anyone (with the appropiate skills, of course).

You may realize that some works gave birth to songs which are nowadays in the streaming platforms as pop/rock/alternative versions.

You will need Adobe Reader (c)(r) to be able to open these documents.


Impromptu XII in d minor
For solo piano

Impromptu XIV in c minor
"Tierras de Mar y Fuego"
For solo piano

Impromptu XVI in G Major
"Dream of a Wicked Fairy"
For solo piano. A very complicated experimental piano work

Impromptu XVII in d minor

Piano trio. This is the root work for the song "A Million Roses Behind"

Impromptu XVIII in c minor
"Dance by the side of the haunted river"
Piano quartet

Impromptu XIX in d minor
"The Man Who Never Dared to Say"
Piano trio. This is the root work for the song of the same name.

Impromptu XX in G Major
"Correteando hacia el cielo" (To my beloved pet)

For solo piano

Impromptu XV in a minor
"Anonymous Vals" from a 2009 work

For solo piano